Thursday, June 14, 2012

10 Pros and Cons of Netflix and LOVEFiLM

Netflix, which has revolutionised entertainment and is available in 47 countries and territories, has finally crossed the Atlantic and arrived in UK. LoveFilm, which was the Netflix of Europe, is now going to receive a tough competition from the real Netflix. Netflix - World's leading internet subscription serviceNetflix, voted no. 1 online retailer for eight consecutive periods, has lots to offer. Founded in 1997, it has more than 20 million streaming members in the United States, Canada and Latin America and is the world's leading internet subscription service for enjoying movies and TV shows. The originator and innovator of the concept to rent movies online, today Netflix can be watched on a number of devices including PC, Mac, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3 consoles, an array of Blu-ray disc players, Internet-connected TVs, smart phones (iPhone, Android, Windows), iPad as well as Apple TV and many more internet connected devices. Netflix launched in Canada in 2010 and soon spread throughout Latin America and Caribbean in 2011. LOVEFiLM - Europe's leading film subscription serviceLOVEFiLM, an Amazon company, has become a leading European film subscription service with two million subscribers in a little over seven years. With LOVEFiLM, you can rent DVD by post or watch online streaming video via LOVEFiLM Instant on the PC, Xbox, iPad, PlayStation 3, stream it direct to TV and a variety of other internet enabled devices. Available with no late fees, you can choose from Blu-rays, DVDs, video games and digital streaming. Titles can also be watched on pay-per-view basis. LOVEFiLM members have so far given 80 million film ratings and written more than 843,000 reviews.What is best - Netflix or LOVEFiLM?1. Netflix offers one month free trial while LOVEFiLM offers 14 days.2. Netflix just offers online video streaming option in the UK while LOVEFiLM offers both online streaming and physical mail-to-the-box discs option at an added price. 3. Netflix costs £5.99/month, while LOVEFiLM is £4.99/month for online subscription. Although LOVEFiLM is a pound less then Netflix, this is its introductory price.4. Netflix has an unmatched range of devices that stream its video content. Netflix can also be viewed on iPhone, Apple TV, Wii and Android devices while LOVEFiLM cannot be viewed on these devices.5. LOVEFiLM is not as focused on online video streaming as Netflix. It mostly does disc delivery by post. LOVEFiLM's online content buffers a lot and its online sound quality is not crisp. Netflix has far better picture quality with 1080p streaming and has 5.1 Dolby audio.6. Netflix has over 10,000 online titles to choose from but lacks in big names. Although LOVEFiLM's online library is not as comprehensive as the physical DVD library, it still has over 6000 online titles and they are a lot more current than Netflix. LOVEFiLM is planning to expand its choice of content by signing deals with BBC, iTV and Sony. 7. Netflix has an intelligent feature of being integrated with Facebook, so people can discover new films and programmes through their friends. It also provides a way to connect with friends around common interests.8. Netflix offers a very good service where members can rate the films and TV programmes they have watched. These ratings are paired with billions of other ratings and Netflix cleverly predicts the films and TV programmes members will enjoy.9. For those ardent game players, LOVEFiLM offers games as well for an extra cost which Netflix does not do currently.10. LOVEFiLM's pay-per-view feature offers many recent movies for £3.49. Older films and TV series are available from £1.89.Although Netflix has arrived in UK and shows great promise, it made a great PR blunder in 2011 that made Netflix lose more than 800,000 US subscribers. Netflix angered the customers when it announced a big price hike at a short notice. Then there was sudden disappearance of popular movies as SONY's Starz pulled out of agreement with Netflix, resulting in less desirable content for money. This resulted in a wave of cancellations and Netflix's site was flooded with thousands of comments and many tweets. So we will have to see if Netflix plays it safe in the UK when competing with LOVEFiLM.In the coming months, as both Netflix and LOVEFiLM battle it out, consumers will definitely benefit from far better content at low price.So what will you prefer, Netflix or LOVEFiLM, have your say and please vote.Source: LOVEFiLM, Netflix, Forsee/FGI research, Gigaom October 2011, Screen Digest

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