Sunday, June 10, 2012

Google Google allows users to share Google maps

Google for Google + and Google itself will some of the key web service, Google's integration has been an open attitude toward. Since the service on June 28, small range for launch test, Google + has since Google search, and YouTube and Gmail were integrated. Now, the company will Google maps and join the team. Google allow users to share their interesting Google maps that, even the service of the route. The user can call Google maps, or search for what they need, and then only in the route of the Google + toolbars button click share in their circles in this connection sharing. This map will share in the user Google + sharing in the automatic contain a link, images and description. Just as Google + product management vice President Bradley-horowitz in the blog wrote in, "you see in the map of the content, displays in sharing in." This tool use Google + segment technology, a web access in Google +, with good friends share. The technology is also used in Google books, and Google group buying and Google product search service, allow these service users will be their favorite content sharing in the circle. Horowitz promise, will be in the future will Google + and more Google product integration. This people don't doubt, because Google has very many products can integrate with Google +, make its more socialization This day, reporters from reliable channel learned that the China air transport association is expected to be among the first to join baidu "sunshine alliance" member, and baidu launched depth cooperation and common cracking down hard on the network ticket false information. It is revealed that the next Tuesday (September 20) facing the industry association of baidu held "baidu promotion Open Day" activities, the two sides or will be formally signed a cooperation agreement, so as to form the consumer protection, promote industry legitimate rights and interests of the orderly development of long-term mechanism. "The sun alliance" is baidu in September 15, the media, the government held baidu promotion Open Day on the launch a new action, aimed at further into industry association, the media to the supervision of the public opinion power, and in government departments under the guidance of the building common attack Internet fraud, maintain the integrity of the linkage system network. It is reported, baidu will for "sunshine alliance" members of the green channel, people open collection by industry association, media channels such as the Internet and adverse feedback false information, realizing "prompt reply" and "have asked," will be after rapid processing bad information, and regular public website, protect public list illegal and legal enterprise's interests. Along with the National Day holiday, go out the approach of the increasing demand, some unruly elements began using network engaged in selling and false ticket for fraud. Search engine is China's Internet users get all kinds of information through the main channel, Internet search engine with false booking website be deceived cases occur occasionally. Although baidu search engines such as enterprise make strict qualification review process, promote maximum unlawful tenants will be rejected, but because online inquiry registration and industry qualification face incomplete information, update, not in time, in the process of authenticity screening qualification still faced with many difficulties. It is reported, through this and take the domestic air transport sales agency market

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