Thursday, June 14, 2012

Comments tragedy staged for Motorola cell phone heartbreaking Google - Google phone, Motorola mobil

when motorola samsung they are not easy to android mobile play a country looked outside suddenly found himself behind a partner turns out to be the immediate competitors google itself started selling a this feels like the chinese say fellow villagers shot behind the most critical time people put trust in you to sell google has finally launched its own s the industry welcomed this authentic gphone against iphone mobile internet is a major event but this matter i just feel disappointed i do not believe steve jobs has never believe ma because they are not used to be responsible for their own words said but in the past i have not doubted google in my mind google has not done it go back on things there is a legal term called quot presumption of innocence quot meaning there is no conclusive evidence and can not be free to speculate on other people problems so when google will not stand again and again to launch its own i choose the believe it but i was wrong it is proved the world is also as good corporate bluff fact i liked this google branded phone nexusone the operating system temporarily to say look at its hardware configuration 1ghz of cpu processor 480 800 resolution screen full tough unlike apple 39 s iphone zoran superior online experience but the hardware configuration is relatively mediocre apple thousand faithful fans insisted that the phone 39 s hardware configuration is not important it is like that as a man as smart body almost does not matter google 39 s nexusone can teach them a good cell phone is the need to pursue with both soft and hard i like google 39 s does not mean i like google way of doing things in 2007 google launched the open handset alliance and 30 more than the industry giants suck the blood for the union about creating a new industry google made it clear at that time his position is the development of new system android not involved in production it is this position so motorola samsung and other manufacturers complete confidence to devote himself to the android camp however when motorola samsung android phones are not easy to play one country looked outside suddenly found himself behind a partner turns out to be the immediate competitors google itself started selling a mobile phone this feels like the chinese say fellow villagers shot behind the most trusted critical moment put you to sell over the past two years those who use google android mobile phone systems were called gphone google 39 s own mobile phone is now listed and this is likely to make android from other manufacturers into an ambiguous status cottage gphone perhaps because google rarely bluff still a little fat empty heart it has been trying to justify itself it explained that they did not go back on the past say the production phone and now this nexusone not produce their own but htc manufactured this explanation does not make sense to compare if not oem products then it is not chip company qualcomm apple is not mobile phone companies because their products are oem factory of others conference on google mobile phone motorola co ceo sanjay jia smile in front of the camera but god knows it was a smile or a wry smile i guess sanjay jia hand google phone the mind must think of his predecessor edward zander looking back at the successful launch of v3 in the post zander thoughts turn to cooperation with apple he was looking forward to apple and motorola to work together to conquer the market to create music phone but the result was he who introduced the mobile phone industry of apple 39 s door kicked open apple confused motorola launched its iphone zander left the service in external and internal history is always striking similarities sanjay jia served as ceo of motorola after the company hopes for revival of google in the body for his radical platform to motorola 39 s other phones are cut down that the future focus only a cooperation with google android phones however motorola has just introduced a new strategy google launched its own on the motorola phone aside edward zander hand motorola has been hurt by apple 39 s heart in sanjay jia hand motorola is feeling cheated by google google launches mobile phones in public people cheered i clearly see a tragedy in the staging tragic hero is motorola been used is a heartbreaking thing let alone be used again and again with these the motorola deepest sympathy

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