Sunday, June 17, 2012

Salary and Review changed My Preview about TCS Salaries and Cognizant salaries

Recently, I met one of my college friends and was very happy being an IT graduate. We shared many views and outcome of that sharing was that my friend was struggling for a placement in Indian major IT companies. Although, he had heard a lot about software companies but he feels that somewhere he misses something. I enquired the reason of his frustration later and come to know that was not aware about sources from where he can get the real catch up about TCS salaries and Cognizant salaries.After some time, I suggested him to visit at, and vomit all his frustration over there. He was very surprised and excited also as if I have given him some medicine. Anyway, he did what I had suggested him. He says like this: "Thanks for renovating my career and future prospects, and will always credit to you for providing me such valuable website." And he also had shown me how. He had simply visited the website with a confused mind, but keeping my word, did the browsing.He said: 'Simply I mention my designation and location name in the provided box.' Thereafter, I have no words. I was completely happy and satisfied by the details provided over there. Though, we know that both TCS and Cognizant are two major and leading Indian software companies, but for a common job searcher many facts still remains at bay when it comes to get a placement.He also suggested that readers must go through the reviews about TCS salaries posted by existing and ex-employees of the company. Our one very good example may widen your source of information about Tata Consultancy Services Career:Queries of a reader:I am planning to join TCS. I currently work with Infosys, Pune and have 4 years of experience.Can someone help me with the following questions?How is the work culture at TCS?How are the yearly appraisal done and are they fair? What's the normal increment at TCS?I heard that quite a few people are recently been kicked out of TCS. Is it true? Is it safe to join TCS?Reviews (Ex-employee):As far as the projects in which I had worked, work culture was good - but be assured that the work culture is entirely dependent on the project, boss and location.Appraisals will not be more and hike will not be fair but more onsite opportunities will be there. I am not sure whether TCS had kicked off anyone recently.He also emphasized that such questions can be asked for Cognizant and Cognizant salaries as well.Lastly, summarizing his views about my suggestion and how it has become easy for him to come in touch with Indian IT companies, and also how one can change their destiny with the provided website, you just can't imagine.

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