Sunday, June 10, 2012

Huawei attack zte intend to dump low label

Huawei, zte, only just Sue five days, then ushered in Germany win, the speed at the beginning of the unexpected, let the defendant zte.This month 2, Hamburg, Germany, temporarily ban promulgated by district court banned zte provide, marketing or with its particular brand and design USB modem. The ban promulgated date, only 5 days from huawei prosecution time. While huawei in 10 days after just released this news, have shown that the city rivals "abstinent counterattack".Zte then emergency releases announcement to say, Germany ban, won't affect on zte operation. But foreign media commentary on the court case in so short time that decision, zte tort facts is very clear.At present, huawei is still waiting for France and Hungary party of the lawsuit the verdict. Previous work of the mediation did not believe department has effect is the reason -- huawei, and respect for intellectual property rights, compliance. Obviously, huawei hopes for through litigation, on the one hand, the trust of the American regulators lotto; In addition, also want and long references to "Chinese" bound concept say goodbye.Huawei, zte Germany v early winsOn May 2, Hamburg, Germany district courts enacted a temporary injunction to prohibit zte provide, marketing or with its particular brand and design the U SB modems, huawei, zte equipment in Germany to defense early wins.Market news says, huawei has written with problems with zte logo U SB modems European dealers, asking them to stop selling. Zte replied, early years to the European Union in 2009 for the applications for trademark registration before, zte had stopped trying to use the trademark. Besides R oH S is neither an enterprise "special" environmental protection logo, more not enterprise itself a 'products' logo. "Huawei retort immediately, "and zte statement, on the contrary, zte did not stop in its products." to use the trademarkFor German court a temporary injunction, zte says, this is just a temporary measures. A temporary injunction can discourage zte in Europe for the expansion of the business situation, zte has no influence. "A temporary injunction is not the decision of the court, the ban in huawei to court after unilateral application can be achieved, belong to the temporary measures before litigation, ultimately whether tort, needs to wait for the court's verdict result."But foreign media commentary, Germany court in so short time that decision, zte tort facts is very clear. But the ban from reports issued by time watching, huawei should have learned a few days before the matter, but not active publication. That may be mediated concession of thanked the letter -- April 28, huawei, in Germany, France and Hungary lodge a lawsuit of zte, accusing it of violated huawei series of related data CARDS and LT E technology patent and trademark. Workers believe department had involved hoped both sides the hatchet, huawei insist on defending their patent rights.Huawei Yang stratagem: prevent future potential intruderHuawei and zte in the industry has made no secret of the competition. Zte chairman HouWeiGui once said, "essentially we (zte huawei) from the beginning to now competition for over 20 years." Homogeneity between the two companies compete for the morning and evening, war is nothing but.April 28, huawei in Germany, France, Hungary, accusing it of three zte co in memory and high-speed mobile data existing Internet technology patent and trademark infringement."The market full of extrusion type to the competition, we respect and with any player, but will not fear any belligerent, but from the back against the back." 20 hours, zte said in a statement published in China, has submitted, Sue huawei filed a patent infringed its LTE. Domestic's two leading telecommunication equipment business between "the war began."Analysys international chairman and chief executive in Yang analysis thinks, huawei the litigation continued rejection of the intended to strive for American regulators, and the trust to stir with zte drawn.On the one hand, huawei to enter the European and American political level remains dissenting voices. While huawei through the prosecution zte seems intent revealed two signal: China communications equipment enterprise are not government dominated by "sizzling a"; Huawei such enterprise more and more emphasis on intellectual property rights and respect for and protection of patent, and compliance. The two signals for American regulators for huawei undoubtedly the trust for the U.S. market, pyramid.On the other hand, huawei also seems to want to borrow litigation and zte "draw a line". For many years, zte and huawei have been billed as "travels", in the context of industry and public opinion, is still bound together of the "Chinese manufacturers", and be the international market with "the government support enterprise", "low cost", "low price", "technology follower" label. Huawei, zte hope that through the lawsuit can become the liberalising opportunity, with more explicitly transfer enterprise personalized image.The most important is, for zte huawei such equipment business speaking, the traditional facing operators business has faced the ceiling, in order to increase the limit of limited cake, equipment traders saw red glass, bayonet. "Huawei has from market intruder into a global marketer, and zte is of potential future intruder." The Yangtze river securities analysts JinXueXiang think, was once a "intruder" huawei, zte vigilance than before to particularly, this also is the important reason launched huawei lawsuit.

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