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Intel launches the higher education project, promotes academy to progress and develop

As Intel & reg; Educate the project important constituent element, Intel and worldwide key university cooperate with top research institution, launch course and build and unite cooperation of scientific research, train and encourage students to study technology and scientific research and innovation of front. Through the rich and colorful collaborative project, promote the innovation of the important technical field, train first-class talents, in order to meet the demand that many kinds of technical fields are increasing constantly for innovative talents. So far, Intel has already formed partnerships with more than 100 universities in China, and the achievement is prominent, create the good innovative ecology for future scientific and technological elites. Construction of course Intel and world-class university develop technological course cooperatively and share its achievement with the global university. The domain of course contains many nuclear technology, integrated circuit design and making, embedded system and technology and starts an undertaking etc.. Intel still sends engineer's deepening university to set up and unite the teaching of course to cooperate, offer course with the professor together. Develop, builds together and unites many ways such as the laboratory through introducing into international advanced course teaching material, lecture come to China of the person who invites foreign teaching material work, money correlated curriculum, create conditions for teacher's course is developed. At present, Intel has already and at home exceeded one hundred universities and formed cooperation in the construction aspect of course. Under the leadership of Ministry of Education, February of 2007, " Ministry of Education - Intel's up-market course " The construction project is started formally. This project mainly faces relevant institutes such as Computer Science and Technology, soft project, electronic science and project of the university and college,etc., aim at supporting the information technology course construction of institution of higher education, promote advanced technology and idea of information industry to combine closely with university's corresponding course construction, promote the competitiveness of market of the information technician. This approved and initiated a project course amounts to 41 in 2007-2009, among them, national defence University of Science and Technology, Tsing-Hua University, 3 courses of Zhejiang University recommend being appraised as national up-market course. Joint study At present, Intel has already launched the joint research project, share the important subject for research with over 30 universities, and exchange technological research and product development experience with domestic university and support several dozen scientific research to be set up every year. A great deal of fields of containing integrated circuit, many nuclear technologies, embedded in joint study etc.. December of 2007, " Ministry of Education - special scientific research fund project of Intel's information technology " Start formally. In 2008-2009, 19 that have had 10 schools already approved and initiated a project. Teacher's plan Intel is in forms such as rich and colorful academic forum, special seminar, teachers' training class,etc., widen the advanced knowledge sharing channel among the universities, cooperate with the teachers of the university to train. At present, start an undertaking etc. in Intel's faculty training field including many nuclear technology, embedded system, large-scale integrated circuit design, encapsulation testing, technology, have supported construction and personnel training of correlated curriculum effectively. In addition, Intel also invites the outstanding young teacher to go to the company to pay several - month academic visit and exchange activity every year. Academic forum (Asia Academic Forum) of Asia which Intel holds ,etc. " The academic forum " Make the technologists of world-class scholar and Intel assemble, canvass the teaching and developing direction of scientific research together, and opened up the new channel that the industry exchanges with academia world, make the teachers of the institution of higher learning exchange the opinion with numerous experts, canvass the difficult problem, and touch and meet technology and trade future development pulse directly. Students support Intel has set up a series of students who faces undergraduate and graduate student to support the project, the intersection of student and contest, activity, scholarship of Intel and speech of campus, practise and train project and the intersection of university student and technological plan of starting an undertaking,etc. jointly. In order to stimulate university students to the technical exploration enthusiasm in the front, train university students' innovative practice ability, the interdynamic while promoting university's course system to reform and between schools is exchanged and shared with the experience, it initiate Intel contest of and not supporting students multiple,such as " The national university student's electronic design competition of Intel cup " , " Intel cup designs the innovative match " , " The national computer polykaryon procedure design competition of Intel cup " , " The industrial engineering design competition of Intel cup " When. Among them, " University student's electronic design competition of Intel cup - thematic contest of embedded system " The ones that are hosted together by the department of higher education of Ministry of Education, Personnel Department of Ministry of Information Industry, because of Intel's technology, project contest facing university student of national institution of higher education. This contest was created in 2002, held once every two years each time. Participating in the contest school, already from 15 72 risen to for 2002, entrant team rise to 160 from 28 for 2002 too 2008. The contestant comes from a plurality of countries and regions such as China's Mainland, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and U.S.A.,etc. separately, make this contest really become an international match. The contest is paid attention to train university student's innovating, cooperation spirit, and the combination of thoery and practice, practice ability started to design and make by oneself, it is one of the special contests of discipline of China's popularity on the largest scale at present. Intel's scholarship is used particularly in rewarding and displaying remarkable outstanding students in information science and technical field of the project. In China, Intel issues Intel's scientific and technical scholarship to the outstanding students of the famous university every year. So far, nearly 400 students have obtained this honor already. Intel campus participated in by academician, technologist and senior executive of Intel has been lecturing and has been welcomed by university students all the time, all kinds of speeches that hold every year move about several dozen times. Intel Corporation has offered to graduate of the university and practised and jointly trained the project. This plan regards the research and development centres of Beijing and Shanghai as the base, has offered first-class practising the environment to graduate, also especially appoint the professional of Intel to be responsible for guiding the intern's engineering practice and graduation thesis, cooperate with the university to train practical, compound type, innovative talent actively. The end of June of 2007, " Ministry of Education - Intel's university students practise the practical training base " The black bamboo is high to research and develop Co., Ltd. and unveil formally in the Asian-Pacific area of Intel of Scien-tech garden in Shanghai. This practises the practical training base and relies on the Asian-Pacific area of Intel and researches and develops Co., Ltd., the key university participates in building together in the United Nations, it accords with the talents of industry's demand to cooperate and train. Up to now, over 1000 interns in all have accepted in Intel Corporation practice does exercises. University student's technological plan of starting an undertaking is the educational project of undertaking that Intel specially sets up in China, the undertaking contest of starting an undertaking among teacher's seminar of course, local and global student to the university in project offers support, encourage and train students to become the future poly-talented entrepreneur. The invitation tournament is one of this project main activities that Chinese university student's technology of Intel cup starts an undertaking, the winner of the match will be by Intel (China) The participation of limited company subsidy " Intel - the intersection of Berkeley and international the intersection of university student and science and technology start an undertaking challenge match " . November 20 of 2009, the intersection of health and medical group rely on artificial bone that biological new material produce that initiate it nail medical products gain 2009 Intel - Berkeley Challenge match of global technological undertaking (IBTEC) Champion, this obtain Intel for the first time China and technology global of Berkeley starts an undertaking and challenges and is have match (IBTEC) Champion. At the same time. Tsing-Hua University relies on their innovative technology and excellent speech to also gain " Liked the award by the audience the most " .

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