Saturday, June 9, 2012

Why LinkedIn is a top site for both employers and employees

Linkedin currently boosts of nearly 120 million users. And they just don't do social networking, they do business networking. If you are having a business or if you work under somebody, it is time that you update your professional profile. More you generate curiosity among others with your business profile, stronger network you build. And partially filled-up profile means less business opportunity. Everybody knows that.What job seekers can get from LinkedIn?For jobseekers, LinkedIn might be the aid to get a big job offer. can sometimes play greater roles than any job portal. There is a separate job section on to assist employees and unemployed guys to bag top job offers. Apart from visiting job sections, you can follow individual company's job offers by visiting their company profiles or groups. For example, If you are looking for a web designer or programmer's job, you can check the LinkedIn profile page of CISPL . Codeclouds IT Solutions Private Limited ( CISPL ) has regular vacancies for various IT jobs which its management posts on their group, 'Codeclouds Technologies'. You can check out those sections and apply to them. Also, you can get connected with senior officials of CISPL and approach them directly for the job. And don't forget to upload your CV to receive surprise offers from various employers. How employees can be benefited from LinkedIn ?Present employees of any organization can easily update their career statuses through CVs on LinkedIn. There are various options to fill up your career profile. You can put your current position, past position, school, website, twitter account, experience, interests, groups, honors and awards, designation, career, education, past companies etc. on LinkedIn provides you various tools to update your portfolio from time to time.The search function on is really nice to mention. You can search People, Updates, Jobs, Companies, Answers, Inbox, Groups. These are handful utilities to find the right people or company at the right time. You can also ask to 'recommend' you to somebody higher than you. How perfectly companies can utilize LinkedIn?Companies have the right reasons to take LinkedIn quite can be a company's important part for brand building and doing business connections. Following points indicates the business benefits with• Promoting company's history, products & services, slideshows & videos, company logo, admin, websites and adding promotional offer banners• Showcasing different services of the company with different images and paragraphs• Build group and carry on discussions about the company, its type, its employee plans and various strategies• Catch attention of talented job seekers attentions by posting a job on LinkedIn and through Careers tab.LinkedIn may charge for some of its professional services but most of its paid services or upgrading accounts is really worth of paying. The LinkedIn profile of Samsung Electronics is quite catchy. Just visit their Products tab and get the slide-wise preview of Galaxy Tab, picture quality improvement and nice laptops. The Careers tab of Citi on

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