Sunday, June 10, 2012

This is it, Groupon Shares Hike Echoes Through Cyber Hallways

How many of you have been familiar with Groupon and related living social deals planet? I can hear them screaming....'many'!It's the off late rage that has redefined the times online, daddy and darling of group buying systems, Groupon is always decked up to make up for some crazy news that finally gets gossips rolling. The momentum is all well deserved and it doesn't seem to go off records at any time, Groupon age will never recede. Seems so!The latest is that Groupon's shares rose by almost 50%. Now that's some buzz, paparazzi are you stalking already? According to sources "After it started trading on the Nasdaq market around 10:45 a.m., the three-year-old daily deals site, which sold its shares at $20, promptly soared 40 percent to open at $28, continuing to climb to more than $30. Groupon's shares later pulled back a bit, but they still ended the day with strong gains, closing up $6.11, or 30.6 percent, at $26.11. At that price, the company has a stock market value of $16.5 billion".Groupon's total valuation at the IPO stands at $13 billion and that's quite an amount eh? However while the season was on, Groupon did face certain hiccups but eventually it ended the day with high profits that again got it into top league. They closed up at $6.11 or precisely 30.6 percent at $26.11. As per the insiders, Groupon's shares were so high that orders added up to more than 10 times the amount of the shares offered. Here's what one of the early Groupon investors has to say about it ""I'm a big believer," said Guy O'Seary, an early Groupon investor. "Andrew is forward thinking, he's not traditional, but that's what you want, you want someone to break the rules and push boundaries."Just in case you missed out on this piece of buzz doing the rounds of cyber galaxyIn yet another news piece, despite having faced some slump in its growth, Groupon, the darling group buying software, grew by 6% surpassing broader North American Daily Deal industry. According to sources, Groupon seemed to have benefitted from the record performance in its travel and consumer product segments early in November. The latest statistics reveal Groupon having generated $154 million in North American gross billings. Did we also mention? From one of the publication on Blockbuster Groupon from later last year says the silent period for the daily deals king is over... Groupon was reported to have sold about 6,50,000 deals between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which was actually a 500% increase from the last years' records. So precisely this game changer session for Groupon tends to change facets but leaves us with some good fodder to talk and write about. Stay tuned for more such updates on living social deals and Godzilla of daily deals; Groupon.

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