Friday, June 22, 2012

HTC smartphone sales has became the champion in United States

Beijing time on November 1 news, market consulting provider Canalys released yesterday by the third quarter 2011 smartphone shipments forecast report, says HTC has became the first major intelligent mobile operators. At the same time, samsung strong, has turn out to be the globe's first massive intelligent mobile operators. On the entire, the continued growth of global smartphone, 3 quarters year-on-year growth rate by 49%, to 124 million units.Samsung smartphone shipments in the third quarter 23 million units (own brand), up 252%, 60% month-on-month growth, account for 23% of the marketplace, it come to be Asia Pacific, Western Europe and Latin America very first, alot more than the original respectively 1st nokia, apple and RIM. Samsung smartphone shipments in the third quarter is history, the high, second only to the nokia 2010 quarter shipments. In addition, in the Google and T-Mobile brand, samsung is shipping virtually 500000 intelligent phones.In the United States, a smart telephone HTC third quarter champions, far more than apple and samsung. In the United States 7 million sets of HTC shipment (own brand), about a quarter of the marketplace possession, and 700000 units is T-Mobile brand sale. Canalys vice President, analyst Chris Jones (Chris Jones) stated: "no matter the way to calculate, HTC intelligent telephone market turn into the United States deserved leader. For HTC, for example, it really is a impressive achievement, basically a few short years, it was in a really competitive market according to high premium brand. In 4 G Android items, it robust, its most important operators, in both into at this time's Android platform, with a number of of its merchandise are really attractive, is also highly several."Samsung second in the United States, apple fell to third. The third quarter, the samsung own brand smart phones in the U.S. shipping 9 million sets. Apple shipment for 6 million sets, primarily considering of global customers looking forward to the next generation iPhone, delayed consumption.Chris Jones stated: "apple released iPhone 4 S do not get past a sensation effect, however it won't hit sales." Apple's need is suppressed, so the fourth quarter sales efficiency even more robust a number of.In the third quarter is however challenging scenario of RIM, in the United States, its sales dropped 58% year-on-year, the U.S. market share fell to 9% last year, once the third quarter was 24%.Canalys analysts, says Tim thanks FoDe (Tim Shepherd) stated: "this will be the initial time RIM market share fell under 10%, so far, it is actually the United States the outlook remains grim. In the United States, even though apple can not launched four G smartphone, in spite of this other mobile operators cannot. In early 2012, RIM launched competitive to high-end smartphone. 4 G at the rest of the globe, the circumstance looks superior RIM. Europe Middle East and Africa, shipments year-on-year growth of 59%, Asia Pacific year-on-year growth of 56%, mainly considering that of BBM services frequent pulled. The Middle East, Africa and southeast Asia specially properly in October, RIM area, the main influence interrupt service Europe Middle East and Africa, we do not think it's going to result in vital influence in the fourth quarter,, where the efficiency might be very good."Thank FoDe extra stated: "there is no doubt that RIM needs to launch new, exciting goods, to speed up the pace of innovation, perform, the only approach to have a chance to restore North America. It is crucial to position at the new BBX platform to money commitment."Canalys report also notes that, China's smart phones (mainland) 2011 three quarters of 160% year-on-year rate soars, of 22 million Taiwan. Despite the rapid growth of the smartphone shipments of China or at the United States slightly, less in 20000Shanghai Canalys analyst Nicole · Peng (Nicole Peng) stated: "China smart mobile telephone marketplace growth, explosive and not merely their very own huawei and zte communications in growth. The 2 companies launched high-quality, appealing Android mobile phone, offers both to their own people, and at the same time deliver foreign marketplace, their item is exceptionally competitive costs, is often more in the next few quarters. Shipment, they will become the global market a destructive energy."Smart phone market in China, nokia in spite of this existed at the first place, still share decline rapidlyfour in 2010, when the third quarter was 75%, fell to 28% in the third quarter of this year.Nicole · peng stated: "despite the fact that nokia in asia-pacific several market has been extremely powerful, which includes China, the next few quarters, it will on the other hand be facing challenging. Recent nokia announced the launch of two Windows Phone mobile Phone, have a few reason for optimism, it however can make the innovation that nokia, design the very good item. In lumia product very first landed in countries not China. Canalys think China for nokia, it is the preferred priority is expected nokia Windows Phone is usually launched in the second half of 201"The third quarter, apple and samsung in China is as well growing rapidlyfour, a year-on-year boost of 710% and 805% respectively

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