Sunday, June 10, 2012

The iphone 4S - iOS 5 Tips Part 2

he iphone 4S - iOS 5 Tips Part 2:CommunicatingAfter the first part of the iOS 5 tips which was all about iPhoneography (photography in iphone), we now go to the iOS 5 tips for mobile communicating.In this part, tips ranging from sending free text messages, using shortcut replacements in text, sending voice memos, using voice controls and a lot more will be discussed and taught properly.Using these tips, the iOS 5 user will be able to maximize the capacities of this operating system to save more money and utilize its full potential.We are living in a world where there is an increasing mobility. That is why according to Ece. Clemson. edu, "there is a growing need for people to communicate with each other and have timely access to information regardless of the location of the individuals or the information. "This makes the role of wireless communication very significant to our daily lives. The site adds that "A phone call placed from a commuter train may close a business deal, remote access to medical records by a paramedic may save a life, or a request for reconnaissance updates by a soldier with a handheld device may affect the outcome of a battle. Each of these instances of mobile communications poses an engineering challenge that can be met only with an efficient, reliable, wireless communication network. "Indeed, there is a great demand for more convenient and efficient use of wireless communicating devices for us to meet the needs of mobile communication. Through the use of cutting edge gadgets like the iphone and its state-of-the-art operating system which is the iOS 5, these needs will be met.CommunicatingThese steps will allow the user to maximize wireless communication using an iphone equipped with an iOS 5.6. Free Messaging with iMessageUsing the iOS 5, you can now send free messages using the iMessage.This free messaging feature will be available between users of the iphone, ipad and ipod touch. This type of messaging is free whatever type of message is sent. Whether it is MMS or SMS, as long as the device is connected to a wireless internet connection, there's no need to worry about the cost. You can send text messages, pictures or even videos for free.7. Typing ShortcutsThe iOS 5 is a multitalented operating system. It has a diverse set of shortcut replacements to ease and save more time in typing emails or texts. You can define your own shortcuts by tapping your way to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts. For example, you can define the phrase "On my way" using the letters "omw". Easy breezy, right?8. Send Sweet NothingsWith the iOS 5, you can actually send voice messages anytime, anywhere without hassle. Using the Voice Memos app, you can record your voice and be able to share it with your significant someone. Tap the recording, then share and message it to another iOS 5 user so they will have it waiting in their inbox.9. Voice Control your iphoneSiri is only available in the iphone 4S but you can still use Voice Control with your other iphone versions. In using Siri, all you have to do it to press and hold the Home Button for at least three seconds to activate Siri so you can tell her what to you want to do. Confirm every task so you can minimize some errors if there is any.Meanwhile, in using Voice Control, you have to tap the app and activate it. Say your keywords and get things done fast.10. Non-stop Social networkingNow that the iOS 5 has a deep Twitter integration, you can now tweet nonstop as long as you have your 3G capability and if you are connected to a wireless internet network. You can tweet links from other sites like Youtube. Customize this app by going to 'Settings' and selecting 'Twitter'. Just fill in your user name and password.11. Be AnonymousUsing default settings, your iphone sends out your caller ID when you make calls or when you send text. But using the iOS 5, you can actually be anonymous when calling people's numbers. How? Follow the trend: Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID. Call people and talk to them without showing your number.The iOS 5 will enable you to do more with your capable device. Read more about the rest of the iOS 5 tips.Related Site:used electronics

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