Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Analysis says Intel smartphone no apple samsung support difficult chase ARM

Intel IDF2012 information technology summit held in Beijing. The meeting, smart phones, super this become the key words of Intel, Intel is also the layout of the mobile market top seeds. "Super smart phone, the cloud computing, this is Intel's internal business priority top three business." Intel spokesman told reporters. First smartphone If you can't get apple, samsung leading manufacturers of support, Intel's smartphone market share and influence is hard to go on with the ARM. "K800, the world's first Intel platform based on smart phones, will be sold in the end of may." IDF on congress, lenovo group vice President and general manager of mobile phone division ChenWenHui foreign declared and Intel This is the first smart phones on Intel ground products, and Intel in the field of smart phones hand in hand and zte and MOTOROLA mobile. "We are pleased to mobile devices with Intel and the cooperation, this will bring us many advantages, including improved design, innovation ability, the more rapid overseas market development and to provide users with new features and excellent performance more." Zte executive vice President and President of department of mobile phone HeShiYou said. Zte President assistant, mobile phone products system deputy general manager KanYuLun told reporters, and Intel alliance will help zte accelerate the development of the unique product differentiation, zte first Intel plans to smart phones in the third quarter of this year, was launched, in high-end positioning. Relative lenovo and zte more specific Intel smartphone ground plan, MOTOROLA and Intel also is only the strategic cooperation. "MOTOROLA and Intel cooperation belong to the global level of cooperation, the home also received no specific timetable. Products" MOTOROLA mobile China spokesman told reporters. "Lenovo and push Intel smartphone manufacturers products, on the one hand, considering Intel products are certain competitive power; on the other hand, they are making product differentiation way." Gartner research director ChengLingHai told reporters. In his view, though the smart phone into a substantial investment, but Intel mobile phone in the global market rise still needs some time. At present, the Intel smartphone Medfield Atom chip is the 32 nm process technology, when Intel chips are expected to smart phones to 22 nm nano, and 14 of the stage, be true in the smart phone market influential. Intel process technology this year already to 22 nm, but was only used in super this, next year will be applied to smart phones. By 2014 Intel process technology development to 14 nano, relative to ARM you can create a new competitive advantage. The personage inside course of tells a reporter, Intel to the smartphone has right, still need and have leadership smartphone manufacturers. If you can't get apple, samsung leading manufacturers of support, Intel's smartphone market share and influence is hard to go on and ARM, and currently the leading manufacturer of apple, samsung of Intel's platform is relatively prudent. "Fuzzy" super this Super this price has always been viewed as its hard to one of the causes of the rapid popularization "Future laptop computers and tablet computer boundaries between will no longer so obvious, there is often hands flat computer users, with a backpack and notebook computers, such experiences are not good, super this is to solve the problem." In the IDF media interviews, Intel China President YangXu such told reporters, super this fuzzy notebook and tablet computer of the gap between. "Now on the super under this definition is too early to tell." YangXu think, super this product forms is at least a year or two time will mature stability. Intel spokesman, since the last year in Taiwan in put forward this concept super, end will have acer, asus and Toshiba and lenovo four OEM announced the launch of commercial products; So far, there have been 10 OEM out of the 21 super. By the end of this year, there will be 75 of the super market. "The super market to the promotion, is Intel since 2003 XunChi promotion the strength of the largest since the product promotion activities." Intel global vice President and general manager ShiHaoDe PC client division, told reporters on super this promotion Intel seriously. Super this price has always been viewed as its hard to one of the causes of the rapid popularization. To this, Intel said, with the 2013 third generation of super large-scale business this market, the price will fall. Intel results showed that in 2011, the annual income of $54 billion, operating profit of $17.5 billion, $12.9 billion net profit, diluted eps of $2.39, a record all, respectively year-on-year growth of 24%, 12%, 13%, 19%. This is due to the Intel in the stable growth of traditional PC market. Compared to the PC market, smartphone and tablet computer market is not allow to ignore high-speed growth, it is not possible to give up market Intel. I'm Jerri Lily from , which offers quality products such as Permanent Marker Pens , Gel Ink Pens , and many more. Know more , please visit 0.3 mm Mechanical Pencil .

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