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Will Nokia torn down

Recently ranks 2012 will disappear of the six brand, including nokia topped the list. This paper says: "nokia already dead, shareholders are just waiting for being takeover."Opponents, however, as early as the column recorded in five years ago in 2006, nokia mobile phones on the market in the world is still in the undisputed hegemonic position. Annual net sales have historically record to 41.1 billion euros; The global mobile terminal market share has reached 36%, earnings per share growth of 27% in the year. Just five years later, the former mobile phone giant but suddenly on the way out. A data showed that: in the first quarter of this year, nokia global market share by 30.6% over the same period last year fell to 25%, and 14 year low. Since this year, nokia's stock has fallen more than 40%. Nokia's market share in gradually narrowing, and apple's net profit but in increase substantially. According to the recently released data shows that, in the latest quarter net profit soar 95% year-on-year, apple, and Iphone sales volume year-on-year growth of 113%.Mobile phone giant nokia is the former by apple beat? Nokia will be torn down?In the July 15 21:55 financial channel CCTV opponent "column is broadcast of the nokia will be torn down?" In China, the original nokia's senior vice President and [pan Pacific] (9.44, 0.07, 0.75%) management research center, the chairman of the board of the gold, liu long-term group chairman, nokia in the earliest Chinese agents LiuXiaoYing and fly like nets CEO made up of just a red with open alliance, founder WangYuQuan NTA communication institution innovation, founder ShenYin and caijing magazine executive editor of HeGang blue, "the nokia are apple beat?" , "nokia will not withdraw from the Chinese market?" , "nokia will not fall down?" A hot debate, in the process of home more debate financial media reporters and the audience also expressed his views and puts forward some questions. Want to know how the guests excellent performance, please pay attention on July 15, 21:55 on Friday night CCTV financial channel of the program announced the rivals nokia will be torn down?" .Liu: I was in a gold nokia, and when nokia is very has the entrepreneurial spirit of the company, has a small story can share with you, when neither the us fortune magazine Forbes, or the business week published or all cover story, pictures of the mobile phone giant nokia or is the CEO of nokia, he was telling me these magazines we all need not look, don't need to look at the cover story, we don't have that success in ten years ago, the supreme leader nokia to the entire Chinese team is a very modest, very entrepreneurial of that kind of low-key, I said nokia may give apple or GOOGLE's Android beat, in fact, not nokia no vision in 2001, put forward a concept, and at that time they had a vision statement, we believe that the future of society, the future of the global society should is mobile information society, called (English).Mobile phone operating system inside the chips become cheap, today a cell phone chips, put a smartphone added up to the cheapest, two hundred RMB one hundred can do the least cost thousands of dollars in the past. When 2007 years apple launched a system, in fact, turn phones into a small computer, realize the function of the computer, it is the largest turning point. Google's Android system based on that take an open platform, like apple completely free to you, it is open to the personal computer, in the narrow the battle ought to saying on nokia u. array down.WangYuQuan: for three examples, the first is nokia cellular phone Settings, caused by the difference of the rival success, you use the nokia then change to the motor make, but this was more unaccustomed to large cell phone knock, and the research and development of mobile phones nokia not comprehensive application, is not lay down at that time the advantage of this is the first point. Second, his first play, but wireless applications wireless application is like that, he was first do is based on control on the basis of the wireless application, do you have a lot of application in allowing phone to, but the application should be I control, such as map software think good come to buy it with, this is all my, now and Android advocate the idea of ecological completely open competition is a complete departure from, shows that he still can't give up his old communications enterprise that emphasize control, emphasizes to user management as a thinking.The most famous example, cell phone with a feature that communication is preferred, no matter you play games, listening to music, the phone would interrupt, but think you play games in iPhone, may be more important than calling the game, this means that nokia disruptive enough. Third, marketing channel, nokia has a characteristic, we play in big cities, and seen in advertising is the best mobile phone, nokia problem is, now everyone don't play, now advocate new iPhone, we called big marketing idea, that is now marketing a cell phone with no difference of marketing, first bombarded lousy Fried advertised, form our expectation this cell phone to the market, the market sell like hot cakes everyone lined up to buy, buy another few months it, until the sell like hot cakes, three season 4 city, began to buy not for the next round of mobile phones, and senators bombarded lousy Fried, this is a large model, and the traditional mode of nokia is a kind of subversion, at this time the nokia and won't own model for a new model, nokia previous success became the failure of the fuse. NowLiuXiaoYing: I remember I from 1990 to attend the seamless knew of nokia, the 20 years we in the Chinese market as nokia distributor, and also a witness of China mobile phone market a change and development. Then from nokia in the Chinese market to finally be unknown market leader, I think nokia in the Chinese market to make a lot of efforts, and they investment is very big. From the past few years to see, in the Chinese market, nokia do a lot and change, especially in the channel, in retail aspects in after-sales aspects, with a very huge system, their team is also very passionate. So integrated viewpoints above, I think nokia in the Chinese market is very understanding, and whether in the consumer, in the channel relations in the relationship, and operators, they have established a good reputation, so I think that they will continue to do it.ShenYin: nokia from 1990 to now actually have is twenty years of time, 20 years in the Chinese market change greatly, and the Chinese user group also changed, I want to also cites twenty years ago to hit the market today market and face today's users is a kind of wrong. Second, the important thing is just two teachers are talking about the operating system, but I think most users don't care about operating system, they care about? Exactly my hand on the cell phone use, not exactly party not convenient, what the Internet can find struggle of birds, to my friends to share, when we pay attention to entertainment nokia mobile phones is not enough good, including liu2 zong3 said nokia is actually do music is the largest global mobile phone, is also the most successful company, but nokia did not establish a so-called convenient, then until apple finished, but today apple iPhone4 is how successful a, is that he doesn't really understand what users really want, has been to the user is the mobile phone, but you can connect to the Internet users may be want??? What??? Want a mobile phone function mobile Internet devices, this may be changing. I think it's mainstream user groups, the main consumers are the 80, 90, such a group of young people, is a digital said with 60, 70 after after is completely different, with the Internet and social networking never fails to relevant, when nokia still use you to face a generation the characteristics of the business to meet the next generation of users, you are sure to be in big trouble, a lot of problems, and yes we see today nokia may be like liu2 zong3 said is the sales network, a very beautiful flagship store, that's right, and apple the same beautiful, but why consumers all run to apple, apple, apple experience in the experience, nokia experience, according to my shop in Hong Kong's experience, and in some parts of the experience without this, only some phones just.A: I want to just make an enterprise that can do what was needed to, we see of nokia does not need the money, he does not need the money, nokia is not short of technology, his lack of technology, nokia lack of talent, he does not need the talent, the nokia in this period of time do have a problem, in what place? Concept wrong, wrong ideas, now changed handsome, now President of the understanding of the smart phone, on the Internet, including the understanding of nokia have a lot on their understanding of the original and views. Of course, today nokia and without a strong up, but the President needs time, he just for a few days, for him, but there is enough time to find the breakthrough point, now the President will give nokia take hit chance brilliant.HeGang: nokia face the choice of the key and choose the right may choose not to right is brilliant, repeat, hundreds of years of economic dominance has seemingly powerful proof of the market leader for can't adapt to market changes, can not satisfy the need to adjust quickly, consumers can't flexible turned and, eventually, big and will fall. Nokia are currently facing the situation it is this challenge, first from talent, admittedly nokia has very good global r&d and manufacturing talents, but the talent of coherence must have the correct direction and appropriate response. So nokia, he is more important than talents to meet the needs of the consumers of the combination of talent much more important, the second financial circumstances, such as a just now, in the words of Mr Nokia's financial situation are facing the last five to ten years serious challenges, recently he and Microsoft cooperation reason is that Microsoft can provide very important financial support, the first quarter of this year in the financial statements that cash flow, this year cash flow has been negative growth, nokia is very short of money, not does not need the money, say a financial Numbers in global financial contrasts smart phone a few years, can see the corresponding investment in research and the corresponding contrast to see, Microsoft into one million can produce three million income, nokia one million into only to produce the hundreds of thousands of income, another apple into one hundred universal generate thirteen million income, financial efficiency and r&d input of objects and eventually market feedback tell us, nokia is very dangerous. Besides technology, technology, people recognize the tap, customer recognition is the best technology, commodity's not art, art, do the best original is the most value, but the commodity do I like, I love, I use of without extra trouble is the best, in this respect, nokia was once the market leader, but in the face of the new absolute intelligent mobile phone manufacturer aggressive attack and more human really is with the person this, obviously in the subsequent party use nokia, above all, talents, nokia jiqing face very big challenge, has the very good resources and basis, but not the correct direction, the path is not proper, his decline, or even by market cleanup is inevitable.

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