Saturday, June 9, 2012

LinkedIn Best Strategies - The Best Ways to Use LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is a platform that could be of great use to businessman and job hunters alike if used properly. You are already a member of this professional network and you think ask yourself what to do next. The best thing to do after making a LinkedIn profile is to make sure you're getting as much out of this network as you can. How do you make that happen? Check out some really easy to follow steps below.Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Up-to-DateUpdating your LinkedIn profile from time to time is very important. Say for example you are just done with a new job or position, or you just got a new educational degree - do not forget to add these to your LinkedIn profile. Do not forget to ask recommendations from your past and present work colleagues as this will also reflect in your LinkedIn profile. Did you receive an award? Don't be shy to put this up in your profile as well!Join and Participate in LinkedIn GroupsJoining and Participating in LinkedIn Groups is just as important as keeping your profile updated. Joining relevant LinkedIn groups is just one of the LinkedIn best practices around. Everybody knows how effective this is especially if you're building brand for your company or website. A LinkedIn group will let you reach out to your desired target market. It makes people know that you have something valuable to offer and to share. This is also a great way to build your credibility as a LinkedIn member. Avoid joining irrelevant groups to your field and focus to ones that concentrate on your specialty.Update your LinkedIn status regularlyFound a new valuable content, article or news? Then share it using your LinkedIn Status! Sharing LinkedIn Status is one of the LinkedIn best strategies to update and remind your network what you do. This LinkedIn status can be used to share relevant news, blog posts and articles with your network. Most LinkedIn members pay attention to those people they are connected with that often share valuable and interesting content. Get the LinkedIn community know you are active!Connect/Link Your LinkedIn status updates with your other Social Media AccountsConnect your LinkedIn status updates with your facebook or twitter or other social media accounts that you have. This will increase top of mind awareness within the target market that you already have or that you are building. A businessman knows how important top of mind awareness is that is why I put this activity as one of the LinkedIn best practices. By doing this, you also increase your chance of getting more leads and exposure of your brand or business.Install LinkedIn ApplicationsLinkedIn apps are great tools to help enrich your LinkedIn profile. It also helps you get the key insights you need to be more effective.

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